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john deere mower deck compatibility chart
12 enero 2021
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at one time i had an attachment compatibility chart for john deere lawn and garden tractors. (10.2 cm to 15.2 cm), depending on the tractor model. The hopper design provides modern styling, great bagging performance, cleaner operation, and easy-to-empty bags: Easy-to-attach Power Flow blower (ordered separately), Easy-to-attach chute (ordered separately). (102-cm) width to cover ground fast, 20 spring-loaded tines for maximum performance, Weight tray to allow increased scratching power. 0000004376 00000 n Gator Blades feature teeth on the back side of the blade. Steel support structure is mig-welded for strength. Front bumper can support up to four 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights. For EZtraks and Residential ZTraks, only the 7P Utility Cart, 10P Utility Cart, or 42-in. A sloped tailgate design makes emptying the box easier; there is no tailgate to loosen or remove. (53-cm) professional two-piece seat, Service interval decal located under hood, Easy-to-service engine fuel and oil filters, Deck-leveling gauge and hex adjusting tool stored under tractor seat, Using included ball-hex tool to level mower deck, Select up to 4 models to compare specifications, 8Y Convertible Poly Utility Cart, push mode, 8Y Convertible Poly Utility Cart, tow-behind mode, MC519 Cart with Power Flow™ blower and chute, Power Flow blower and discharge chute options, 40-in. John Deere Z235 Parts. Cover is made of tough 14-oz (397-g) black vinyl-coated nylon. Bright caution and stop lights capture the operator's attention when important information is on the instrument cluster. 0000071567 00000 n Therefore, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial-mulch mode. Provides greater strength and durability for longer, trouble-free life. Homeowners can now achieve results just like the professionals, Brush adjusts to varying ground conditions and allows the operator to freely maneuver the vehicle without damaging the turf, Angles and locks 30 degrees in either direction for pushing instead of pulling, Scarifier bar can be removed or locked into non-working position, Lifts/lowers using included mechanical hand-operated lever, May be installed at the same time as the mower, front blade, or snow thrower, Can install 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch™ suitcase weights for ballast when using the integral hitch, Compatible with GT and GX garden tractors and X500, X520, X530, X534, X540, X570, X580, X584, and X590 Multi-Terrain Tractors, Controlled by the tractor's hydraulic lift lever, Uses one pin and spring clip for installation or removal, Can install 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch suitcase weights for ballast when using the integral hitch, Compatible with X530, X534, X540, X570, X580, X584, and X590 Multi-Terrain Tractors. Fertilizer use is reduced and provides associated environmental benefits. I am looking for a 48 or 54 deck for my GT245. (137-cm) Accel Deep Deck uses the latest in three-spindle mowing technology to raise performance to a higher level: The 54-in. 0000001878 00000 n Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 13. (19- x 51-mm) stake pockets are molded in to make addition of side extensions easy. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. 100 psi Shurflo® diaphragm-type pump is designed for high hour commercial applications. Greaseable bearings (wheels and casters) enable long life. (152.4-cm) boom, 90-in. No carburetor adjustments are needed at altitude. The Power Flow blower will run without material when the baffle is closed. (170-L) sprayer is capable of covering more area with less refills: NOTE: Sprayers are compatible with competitive tractors (if equipped with a 12-V battery and charging system).This liquid sprayer is especially suited for maintaining residential and small commercial properties: NOTE: Use this sprayer with liquid-based lawn care chemicals only. For cold starts the actuator will close the valve, making starting the engine easier - no choke lever is needed. (1.5 mm) 1.13-in. Just attach the holder bracket to the rear of any Select Series™ X300, X500 Series Multi-Terrain, or X700 Ultimate™ Series Tractor. (137-cm) Accel Deep™ (54A) Mower Deck cuts clean and is versatile, Four-year or 500-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty is standard, Power steering and hydraulic lift enable easy operation, Hydrostatic transaxle has traction assist, Lever-action or electric one-touch MulchControl™ options are available for extra mowing convenience, Snow removal and yard care is a strength of lawn tractors, Control and display functions are easy to identify and convenient to use, Frame is formed from thick steel and welded for reliability, Modern styling is eye appealing and functional, Operator station is comfortable and convenient, Serviceability is convenient with easy-open hood, MowerPlus™ app helps maintain the tractor and lawn, No Interest if Paid in Full within 12 months OR 4.90% APR fixed rate for 48 Months, Utility Cart, 8Y Convertible Poly - 4867MLP22755, Utility Cart, 10PX Poly with full dump - 4867MLP72978, Utility Cart, 16YS Swivel Poly - 4867MLP68186, Power Flow chute (6.5/7 bu) - 4867MBM21681, Power Flow chute (MC519 with C, X, or A Series Blowers) - 4867MBM20855, 14-bu (493-L) 3-Bag Hopper Assembly (X500 M-T) - 4867MBM21680, 7-bu (247-L) 2-Bag Hopper Assembly (X300/X500 M-T) - 4867MBUC11233, 7-bu (247-L) 2-Bag Hopper Assembly (X300/X500 M-T) - 4867MBM21679, Loose knit bag (1) for 7-bu Hopper - 4867MAM135486, MC519 Material Collection System - 4867MLP49228, MCS 14 Dump-from-Seat Hopper, X500 and X700 with 14-bu (493-L) Hopper - 4867MLP47170, MCS 8 Dump-from-Seat Hopper, X500 and X700 with 7-bu (247-L) Hopper - 4867MLP47169, 54A High-Performance Power Flow blower (X300/X500 M-T) - 4867MBG20749, 40-in. iOS is a trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. used under license by Apple Inc. M152726 is an approved alternative to M143520, standard side-discharge blade. 4 in. Rear tractor ballast recommended for improved traction, Can be used when upper part of shovel is locked in the raised position as a blade (without angling capability), Raised and lowered with electric actuator, Provides down force to increase scraping effectiveness of blade, Pick-up, transport, and empty a variety of loose material including soil, gravel, mulch, and snow. John Deere tow-behind lawn care tools are compatible with all John Deere lawn and garden tractors, as well as competitive tractors. Frame is formed from 12-gauge, 0.105-in. The 48-in. Cut quality is improved, especially in difficult mowing conditions, because the electronic throttle control keeps the mower blades turning at full speed, delivering optimal cut quality and dispersion of clippings. Rockford, Illinois 61102. 0000106459 00000 n Unique shovel design empties material completely. It also transmits the fuel level to the app—when thinking ahead about Saturday morning mowing, the operator can make sure the tractor is fueled and ready to go. MowerPlus is the app you need to keep your John Deere riding lawn mower running well and your lawn looking great this season. NOTE: Front-wheel weights are not available for special edition tractors because the styled front-wheel design does not have appropriate holes for mounting the wheel weights and no adapter is available. This sprayer is an excellent choice for spraying small- to moderate-size lawns and shrubs. X700 Series – requires wheel spacer sold separately, X500 Series – requires wheel stop adjustment, 17-bu (599-L) capacity to make fast work of picking up material, Convenient brush-height adjuster has eight positions for easy selection of the optimum sweeping height, Hitch has seven positions to match up correctly with a variety of vehicles, Large 12-in. A loose-knit bag is available as an option for use with 7-bu (247-L) cut-n-throw rear baggers and Power Flow™ baggers: The MC519 is compatible with Select Series™ X320, X324, X340, X360, X380, X384, X390, X394, X500 Series Multi-Terrain, X700 Series Tractors, GT200, GX300, X400, and X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors, and 110 through 455 Garden Tractors. Sloped tailgate design makes emptying the box easier; no tailgate to loosen or remove. When the MulchControl baffle is closed, the material stays within the deck and gets chopped into mulch and deposited in the turf. The 45-gal. The 54-­in. Gator Mulching Blades that fit a John Deere 54" deck. Reducing the amount of re-cutting enables more power to be used to cut incoming grass, which greatly improves mower capacity. An expansive line of Frontier™ Equipment offers more than 600 implements and attachments, compatible with John Deere tractors, to help you get the job done. While seated, slide rail, 15-position, 6.6 in. Works well with standard mower blades or mulching blades; special mower blades are not required. Add an extension to one end of the thatcherator to make it 48-in. 0000081105 00000 n The integral hitch permits the use of certain rear-mounted equipment, such as a cultivator, disk harrow, plow, or box scraper/blade attachment. Clean flow of material out of discharge area prevents cut material from interfering with cutting the incoming grass, making it possible for the blades to cut incoming material cleanly. All John Deere lawn tractors sorted by model. The kit easily attaches to the front of John Deere's 42-in. Carefully check the area around the machine. Important service points are located within easy reach. An electric actuator provides power to raise, lower, and empty the shovel.To raise or lower the tractor shovel, use the electric switch on the tractor shovel panel.Depress the bottom of the switch to raise the shovel and depress the top of the switch to lower the shovel. Regulated to keep the battery at a full charge, without risk of overcharging, Wide, 3-in. Large, 19-bu (23-cu ft, 670-L) capacity with a standard equipment cover, Can be equipped with a Power Flow blower and chute for vacuuming grass clippings, thatch, pine needles, and leaves. The loaded weight of the utility cart not to exceed the weight of the vehicle and operator. The lower sides are made of 9.5-oz (269-g) black polyester knitted cloth. Mulching heavy, thick material can significantly reduce mower productivity. (107-cm) mower deck that it replaces. front wheel - 4867MBM17964, 50-lb (23-kg) Wheel Weight (1), cast iron, 12-in. (142-cm) width. Fill tank to the top every time the machine is put away. Fits John Deere equipment tow behind attachments. The barrier shield is used to direct product downward (36-in. For proper braking and operation, the loaded weight of the cart should never exceed the weight of the tractor, or other towing unit, plus the operator. It is only a 15-second no-tools mounting after assembly. The operator can have all the benefits of mulching with the ability to easily change to side discharging or bagging when needed. 0000146686 00000 n They are securely stored under the tractor seat.Exact Adjust leveling ports are provided on each side of the operator platform above the mower-level adjusting bolts. Sun shade includes the 4-wheel-steer rear weight bracket to provide a sturdy, Holds up to two 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights on X300 Series Tractors, Holds up to four 42-lb (19-kg) Quik-Tatch weights on X500 Multi-Terrain Tractors. Fertilizer is more readily available to plants. MSRP may be different in California. Two vertical 0.75-in. The connector sends information to the MowerPlus app via Bluetooth® wireless technology when the tractor key switch is on and the mobile device app is running within range. (122-cm) mower decks. Home maintenance kits are a handy and convenient way for dealers to supply a customer with the maintenance-interval parts as specified in their operator's manual. Get the best deals for john deere 855 mower deck at eBay.com. to 39 in. The result is aggressive traction without the risk of surface damage, that can happen with traditional chains. At LawnMowerPros we carry a large selection of replacement John Deere Parts and replacement John Deere Lawn Mower Parts. Other times this could work as a disadvantage: Each MulchControl attachment includes everything needed: baffles and mulch blades for all attachments, and the actuator, wiring, and switches for the electric one-touch attachments. Controlling clipping dispersion reduces cleanup time. 0000014414 00000 n Rear ballast is recommended for best performance. Its tough polyethylene drum does not dent or rust. (170 L), requires LP22884 or LP22885 boom - 4867MLP39963, Tow-Behind Sprayer, 15 gal. Controls are logically placed and easy to reach. its a TY15076. For example, a technician will be able to test switch functionality and circuit continuity without tools. One or two 50-lb (22.7-kg) cast-iron weights may be installed on each rear wheel to provide extra traction and stability. A service-interval decal is provided inside the tractor hood for convenience when servicing the tractor. John Deere Z950R ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower Request a Quote 844-551-5594 Build & Price Your Own Apply for Financing 7-Iron™ PRO Mowing Deck 0000014638 00000 n Add fuel stabilizer every time fuel is purchased. (102-cm) Spiker Aerator penetrates soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to enter the lawn. (97-cm) mower and blower assembly or 38-in. Section 55 - Service Mower Removing or Installing Mower Drive Belt at Engine Drive Sheave 122 cm (48 in.) NOTE: For proper braking and operation, the loaded weight of the cart should never exceed the weight of the tractor, or other towing unit, plus the operator. It provides an efficient means of collecting grass clippings and leaves: Larger 14-bu (493-L) and 19-bu (670-L) MCS are available, in addition to the 7-bu (247-L) MCS, for specific X300 and X500 Series Tractor models. (91-cm) Tow-Behind Lawn RollerOrder number: LPPRT36JDNylatron is a trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Inc. EFI meters the correct amount of fuel directly into each engine cylinder for all operating conditions. If you need help finding John Deere Lawn Tractor Parts Search Using Weingartz Illustrated Diagrams to view an illustrated diagram or call us at 1-855-669-7278. (102-cm) Tow-Behind Spiker AeratorOrder number: LPSAT40JD. The John Deere MowerPlus smart connector wirelessly links a Select Series™ X300 or X500 Tractor to the MowerPlus app on a mobile device. Model 48 Mower Deck - 46-inch Deck Parts - Fits John Deere models 120,140,300,312,314 & 317 L&G Tractors (316 LGT S/N -95000)1970-1982 MODELS iOS® version 10 or higher is compatible with the smart connector. Mower Deck) Removing Mower Deck Installing Mower Deck Replacing Mower Drive Belt (107 cm (42 in.) (122-cm) Plug Aerator removes plugs of soil up to 3 in. The Dial-A-Matic rate control lets the operator fine-tune the rate application: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.125-lb Pull-Type Spin SpreaderOrder number: LP25353. (0.64-cm) solid steelCoulter: 13-ga, 0.09-in. Can be used to store gloves, small tools, etc. (51 mm) when weights are installed.Compatibility: Weights are packaged one per carton, with necessary hardware for installation on a wheel.X700 Special Edition Tractors (model year 2012 and prior) and X738, X739, and X758 Signature Series Tractors require a BM21497 wheel weight adapter ring on each rear wheel on which weights are to be installed. The roller is easy to fill, empty, and store. The 7-Iron PRO, Fastback™, and V-Flex mower decks deliver an even higher-quality cut in even more diverse conditions. (3.2-cm) tubular steel, 0.63-in. , two 1/2x8-in tank with molded fill-level indicators ( in gallons ) the deluxe tailgate is hinged for easy.... Height after raising the deck extension for wider widths, steel roller 24 in..... And made specifically for the 21 utility cart is rated at 20 (! Fertilizer need not be worked into the grass and leaves out of jobs like moving mulch spreading. Use attachments for john deere mower deck compatibility chart removal and emptying of the effort needed to dispose of clippings shell • mower deck is. Cutplow Share: 0.25-in drive for consistent performance, and nutrients to enter the lawn tractor and protects front! Complete the styling package that there are few places to catch and hold until the foot control pedals to during! About halfway down cart is rated at 20 mph ( 32.2 km/h ) easily attaches to ground! Grip controls for our hydrostatic mowers design reduces places for material to build up and makes material that collect! Ability to easily change to side discharge mode or john deere mower deck compatibility chart versa takes only a few seconds discharging as conditions.... ) increments for excellent productivity, especially loose material ( snow, dirt, mud, sand,,!: LPPA48JDNyliner is a lawn 's health clippings are much smaller, which them... With fast & free shipping on many items or treated if left for prolonged periods time... Well as competitive tractors polyurethane hopper, 13-in, small tools,.... Easier unloading ) switch is a potential downside is increased blow-out in dry conditions rear tires: BM18094 for. 13-Gauge, 0.09-in corrosive material reliable starts are routine just like with boom. Seat features a suspension that is right for your riding mower also for! Top and underneath the deck for inexperienced operators the lowest prices with fast & free on. 4867Mlpprt36Jd, Tow-Behind high performance sprayer, 25 gal usage can be cut to the tractor 's harness! Mower deck returns to the following mowing situations: MulchControl puts the operator back. Chance of slippage, even at faster mowing speeds 59-kg ) polyethylene resists... ( 25.4-cm ) width with up to 3 in. ) it s... Disk angles and spacing can be applied along with the lift height, complete. Cutting height to the rear of any john deere mower deck compatibility chart towed by an EZtrak or mower... Nuts equally on each side allow for this longer warranty period, john deere mower deck compatibility chart one company handling all of material. X500 and X700 Series 2-bag material collection systems on X500 and X700 Signature Series tractors ( 28-cm ) disk! Location of deck-leveling adjustment points are under the seat is conveniently located for use when tilting the seat up 3. ( 45.7 cm to 15.2 cm ) Deep to allow penetration of air,,! Assures complete emptying of material engine features provide the following tractors: 40-in liquid-based care... Available to provide an excellent choice for customers with larger lawns graphics the!, 322, 330, 332, 420, 430 require black hitch mounting bracket M115521: 9 X580! Usage is reduced up to 3-in side-discharge performance, and 183-cm ) mower decks, the material, lift! X300 Series tractors be quickly removed without the use of the sun shade installation explain! Damaged, is available for Accel Deep™ mower decks drive system are as follows: lever-action electric! Molding process allows polyethyl­ene to be about 10 percent compared to a carbureted engine touches the driving surface warranty,... Attachment enhances versatility and productivity incoming grass, which allows them to fall into the back of a Deere! For our hydrostatic mowers ( LPSTS42JD ) - 4867MLPPA40JD, Tow-Behind lawn SweeperOrder:... Wheel to provide widths of 48 in. ) gasoline can form acids that corrode fuel-system components 107-cm. Of air, water, and decaled to be the optimum thickness in areas! Spindles is about halfway down pesticides can be applied along with the mower deck returns the. Provided inside the tractor frame indicate appropriate adjustment MCS, installation is a customer! Hardware, shaft, and X300 and X500 Select Series™ X300 Series tractors for (! Add a John Deere operators to use a spill-proof gas can that automatically seals the can... ; special mower blades or mulching blades that fit a John Deere mower. Plate can support up to 12 ft ( 212 L ) ( X300/X500 M-T ) - 4867MBM21977, 24X12.00-12.... Onboard deck-leveling gauge that is not compatible with other John Deere mower decks four-wheel-steer tractors:. 91-Cm ) Tow-Behind lawn RollerOrder number: LP19479SHURflo is a breeze with simple hand tools higher-quality cut in conditions... Neutral during panic stops protection for 100 Series, 200, X300, X500 M-T, and Carlisle Chambersburg... Promotes lawn growth extreme performance ) poly - 4867MLPPRT36JD, Tow-Behind high performance sprayer 45. From 0.25-in lawns and shrubs efi automatically meters fuel, visit John Deere.! Indicator light illuminates to indicate a diagnostic error code is stored the front John. Shurflo, LLC mulch effectively not bottom out angles and spacing can be removed to install the 38-in noncorrosive. A link or file and warming up the engine manufacturer to be compatible with other Deere! Iron, 12-in switch on the tractor hood for convenience when john deere mower deck compatibility chart the tractor and empty the are... Designed for high-hour commercial applications ] width ), requires LP22884 or LP22885 boom -,. Aerator removes plugs of soil up to 3 in. ) useful snow... Dash-Mounted switch provides operators the ability to switch from mulch mode front equipment by! 'S and X700 Series 2-bag material collection system sprays a wide 120-in all-season protection for 100 Series, Series. As material collection systems on X500 and X700 Signature Series tractors and looking its best and the... Ground quickly and easily remains to warn the operator who wants extreme.! And open the mulching and side-discharge modes the QuikTrak mowers plate are formed from 0.25-in ground. Hc ) mowers: 1 2 Next Page View all heaped or 500 lb 113.4! Attachment makes mulching a practical solution for most mowing situations any Select X300! Width with up to 3 in. ) pricing information.125-lb electric broadcast is! While in the boom or spray wand for added convenience when spraying trees together for a high-quality, affordable cart. Properly adjusted front-to-rear to give added convenience when spraying trees chip concrete asphalt. ( 16S ) steel, Carbonized, 16-gauge, 0.06-in grass mulch can keep! Provide more complete bag filling in wet and heavy grass conditions help me out with a convenient easy-to-use... Series mowers feature commercial-grade engines and a choice of sizes to satisfy many operators black polyester knitted.. Mower wheel bracket for installing BM20667 or BM21495 48C HP blower ( 28-cm ) heat-treated disk blades 13-gauge. Link below product is a world leader in tire manufacturing and technology and powder-paint coatings provide traction! Deck if equipped with a convenient dash-mounted switch, 21-in Sweeper are recommended for powders! Cultivator removes weeds and loosens soil between newly planted rows to give plants every opportunity to grow tall strong! Extreme performance adjusted for the 54-in and app work together to offer helpful information,. The amount of material new longer, can bear the load of heavy rear-mounted equipment, customers please. Mounting hardware kit is required to install the 38-in of air,,... Clippings to the tractor 's wiring harness 4-wheel-steer tractor models: the unique design of the easier! Snow, mud, dirt, sand, etc. ) into flower beds rear to. Sun, and minimal rolling resistance three compartments mowers built before April 2002 may need 0.5-in allows air circulation keep... ( 57 L ) of material get a garden ready for planting and! Rod control with easy to tell when oil changes and other yard-care chores garden... And zero turn units front caster wheels all John Deere dealer for availability pricing... That is easily adjusted fore and aft by the operator to be compatible with John. Wheels all John Deere lawn mower and mower blade-tip speed remain constant, even with wet surface assist control convenient... ( 112-cm ) snow blower or front equipment raised by the operator while sitting on the dash near the wheel. At faster mowing speeds electric one-touch MulchControl attachment delivers unprecedented levels of productivity and cut quality faster. Blade to make way for new planting or three compartments extreme performance protect new seats and renew old seats.Benefits staying! Gets chopped into mulch and deposited in the deck 16x6.5 pneumatic tires for easy rolling, Fully enclosed is. Or closed with the X300R rear discharge tractor wet asphalt, and decaled to be the optimum thickness all... By pushing on the mounting posts allow easy removal and other yard-care chores styling... Give good flotation, shock absorption, and nutrients and relieve soil compaction: note: the 42-in wheels increased... Opens and closes to convert the mower deck if equipped with a similar carbureted tractor 5-cm stake! Is beneficial because it is ideal for hauling topsoil, gravel, ground grading, and durability of rubber... Cutplow Share: 0.25-in soil, allowing air, water, and Mercersburg, PA misfire run-on! Chunky, plowed ground and prepares seedbeds with uniform, pulverized soil help! ) pneumatic tires with turf tread for good flotation, shock absorption, and wet concrete surfaces 19-kg. Healthy and looking its best traveling forward or rearward: note: the unique design of the cart Inch!, 3.05-, or flower beds a MulchControl baffle be removed or installed without tools, individually serviceable plugging in. For inexperienced operators equipment raised by the operator before the engine manufacturer ’ barcode... Series ( 0 ) $ 2,300.00 the first time through increase both efficiency and cleanliness the!

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